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Issue With Autofill Transfer Gross Weight Quick Script

By Cappin Blood @cappinblood
    2023-06-05 20:52:57.502Z

    Whenever I use the "Autofill Transfer Gross Weight" quick script, the submission button when clicked, will do nothing. Making me have to cancel and start everything over again which defeats it's purpose. Any help will be appreciated!

    Solved in post #5, click to view
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    1. M
      Matt Frisbie @mattfriz
        2023-06-05 21:03:54.151Z

        I'll check it out, thanks for the bug report.

        1. M
          In reply tocappinblood:
          Matt Frisbie @mattfriz
            2023-06-06 13:11:56.283Z

            When testing, I'm getting this error:

            I'll correct this and see if that fixes the problem

            1. M
              In reply tocappinblood:
              Matt Frisbie @mattfriz
                2023-06-06 14:52:53.532Z2023-06-06 15:23:36.007Z

                Pushing a fix in v0.46.2, should be available later today.

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                1. CCappin Blood @cappinblood
                    2023-06-06 15:18:53.891Z

                    Will check it out once I see that version! Just to clue in on use case, we utilize first building Manifest templates in Canix, then have to manually add the weights in ourselves, and if I don't use the tool, it will submit fine, but only when I use the tool to auto fill it all in does the issue occur.

                    1. In reply tomattfriz:
                      CCappin Blood @cappinblood
                        2023-06-09 13:29:30.179Z

                        Everything is working fine now!

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