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Ehance T3 transfers

By Joey Espinoza @joey
    2024-02-08 06:28:38.661Z

    The extras you've added when using metrc's interface for transfers is great, especially the autofill directions. Would it be possible to make it not only fill out the directions but also calculate how many hours it will take? That way the ETA is automatically adjusted.

    Since metrc just puts whatever time the manifest is being created as the ETD, it would be really cool if I could edit ETD and then click autofill (or some button for ETA) and it adjust automatically.

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    1. M
      Matt Frisbie @mattfriz
        2024-02-08 18:00:53.202Z

        This is a good idea, I'll make this a priority feature.

        1. J
          In reply tojoey:
          Joey Espinoza @joey
            2024-04-11 06:28:53.583Z

            Any update on this features timeline?

            1. M
              In reply tojoey:
              Matt Frisbie @mattfriz
                2024-04-11 14:19:36.828Z

                Sorry, this accidentally got moved off my priority list. Moving it back on, aiming to get this shipped by next week.

                1. Progress
                  with doing this idea
                2. M@mattfriz marked this topic as Planned 2024-02-08 18:00:59.921Z.