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Mass Upload Items & Strains

By Joey Espinoza @joey
    2024-02-09 06:15:44.357Z

    This feature would be more useful for new accounts being setup or when new genetics get brought in.

    If we could do some kind of csv upload to add many strains and/or items it would save a lot of time. Doing it one by one is brutal.

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    1. M
      Matt Frisbie @mattfriz
        2024-02-09 19:15:11.734Z

        Would this still be useful if it were two separate tools: CSV create strain, and CSV create item?

        The snag with combining it into one tool is 1) the syntax of the CSV gets really complicated, and 2) the per-row processing logic gets sticky: i.e. load or create the strain, then check it against the row, and then create the item using the new or existing strain.

        1. J
          In reply tojoey:
          Joey Espinoza @joey
            2024-02-10 00:07:29.993Z

            yes it is still useful as two