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Move Location for Immature

By Joey Espinoza @joey
    2024-03-19 21:50:58.286Z

    Looks like T3 can only move location for flowering, if we could do this for immature batches it would be helpful. Needed it today but had to do manually as csv was giving me issues.

    Solved in post #8, click to view
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    1. M
      Matt Frisbie @mattfriz
        2024-03-19 21:59:33.441Z

        No problem, this will be a piece of cake now that I have plant batch access.

        1. J
          In reply tojoey:
          Joey Espinoza @joey
            2024-03-20 01:25:23.549Z

            Well now I know why I had issues via CSV:

            Hi Joey,

            We are emailing you in regards to your issue with the CSV file. We have looked over the image you have sent and the file and we have confirmed that plant batches cannot have their locations changed from a CSV file. The reason the system is saying that the plants do not exist is because the tags are used for plant batches rather than individual plants. Plant batches will need to have their locations changed from the immature plants tab in Metrc.

            If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

            1. J
              In reply tojoey:
              Joey Espinoza @joey
                2024-03-22 19:38:44.841Z

                Hi Matt,

                What is the ETA for this feature? Doing massive clean up on a big nursery and it's brutal to move location manually.

                1. MMatt Frisbie @mattfriz
                    2024-03-22 19:43:33.620Z

                    I'll crank it out right now, should be pretty quick since it's just a clone of move plants

                    1. MMatt Frisbie @mattfriz
                        2024-03-22 19:58:55.811Z

                        Done! Pushing out the update now, should be live in ~15 minutes or so.

                    2. M
                      In reply tojoey:
                      Matt Frisbie @mattfriz
                        2024-03-22 20:42:34.260Z

                        Live in v1.33.0

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