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Mass Submit for Testing

By Jack Rupp @JRupp
    2023-06-23 14:12:47.322Z


    One feature that would be very useful is something that would allow you to create multiple packages to submit for testing at once.

    With METRC, you are required to fill out all of the following for each package that is submitted:

    -New (Test) Tag
    -Package Date
    -Required Testing
    -Source package
    -Quantity from source package

    Most of the above options stay the same between all test packages in a batch. It would be awesome if you could select a range of packages you would like to submit for testing and create a range of test packages from them all at once, similar to how Metrc has its template option for many functions.

    Thank you

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    1. M
      Matt Frisbie @mattfriz
        2023-07-18 16:05:07.818Z

        FYI: I'm adding this to the feature request sprint: Feature Request Sprint

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          with doing this idea
        2. M@mattfriz marked this topic as Planned 2023-07-18 16:05:58.735Z.