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Feature Request Sprint

By Matt Frisbie @mattfriz
    2023-07-18 16:04:34.548Z2023-08-29 03:13:18.813Z

    This is the backlog of features that have been requested. These will be only available as part of T3+ once it is out of beta:

    Mass submit for testing: Mass Submit for Testing

    Destroy immature plants: Destroy Immature Plants

    Mass change location/strain: Mass Change Location & Strain

    Create packages from CSV: New Packages

    Bulk item create: Bulk Create Items For Multiple Strains

    No timeline for these, but planning to implement in the near future.

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      Michael Van Brunt @BigMike
        2023-07-18 18:24:34.856Z

        Thank you so much, that will be very helpful.
        Big Mike