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New Packages

By Joey Espinoza @joey
    2023-05-25 04:24:00.891Z

    Been working in a manufacturing setting recently and there is no csv options other than package adjustments. If there was a way to use TTT to create new packages it could help save time if we develop an easy way.

    For example, I have a spreadsheet with the data so if I could copy/paste the batches of oil I created from the cannabis it would help speed things up.

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      Matt Frisbie @mattfriz
        2023-05-25 14:19:42.334Z

        This is a really interesting idea. I've avoided creating a generalized new package tool because the existing T3 UX would need to match a lot of different use cases, but a simplified CSV ingestion solution might be perfect for this.

        As I'm imagining it, it would be something like:

        1. Generate a template Google Sheet with header row OR download a template CSV with header row
        2. User fills out the sheet
        3. User re-uploads the filled-out CSV OR T3 reads info from the filled-out Google Sheet
        4. T3 validates the information, checks for validity and correctness, and displays a summary of what will be submitted to Metrc
        5. User approves the summary and submits to Metrc
        1. CCappin Blood @cappinblood
            2023-05-25 16:29:30.854Z

            This sounds like a great idea to me!

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            In reply tojoey:
            Matt Frisbie @mattfriz
              2023-07-18 16:05:39.841Z

              FYI: I'm adding this to the feature request sprint: Feature Request Sprint

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                with doing this idea
              2. M@mattfriz marked this topic as Planned 2023-06-07 16:18:34.415Z.